Coconut Dehusking Machine

Coconut Dehusking Machine

ARS Engineering is one of the manufacturer and Supplier of wide range of Automatic Coconut Dehusking Machine.

Husking of coconut is among the most-difficult post-harvest operations relevant to coconut. Traditionally the entire husking is done manually using instead of hydraulic jack and it involves much human drudgery, skill, training, and endurance. ARS Engineering, are the manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Automatic Coconut Dehusking Machine powered by 7.5HP motor. Manufactured using high grade raw material.  This automatic coconut Dehusking machine is highly durable and dimensionally accurate. This exceptional machine is designed for peeling coconut husk at high speed with minimum manual labour. This automatic coconut Dehusker machine is capable of Dehusking 1500 – 1800 Coconuts per hour.


This machine is useful to the Coconut Estates and Co-operatives, Coconut Farmers and Coconut Processing Factory, wherein Dehusking is required in large quantity. Our designed automatic coconut dehusking machine can provide faster work rate with less manpower.


  • Automatic operations
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Robust Design
  • Corrosion-resistance Dimensional accuracy High performance
  • Less Manpower, instead it works with electric power. It is user friendly and safe Small enough for carrying from any place to any place
  • Remove husks of various shapes and sizes of coconuts
  • Easy and low cost maintenance
  • Faster, Easier & Safe


Model :ARS-ACDM-101