Coconut Dehusking Machine

Coconut Dehusking Machine

ARS Engineering is one of the manufacturer and Supplier of wide range of Automatic Coconut Dehusking Machine.

ARS DS-1, is a very novel zero breakage, almost zero damage most effective dehusking machine.

It dehusks 1200 to 1500 coconuts per hour.

Motor Rating – 7.5 HP.

Power supply will be three phase (440 Volts). Frequency- 50 Hertz.

This ARS DS -1, is designed for peeling Coconut husks at high speed with minimal labour.


ARS DS- 2., is a phenomenal breakthrough, run away success, among Coconut dehusking machines in India.With single phase 240 Volts, 2 HP electric motor, this machine dehusks 600 to 700 coconuts per hour.

ARS DS – 2, is a perfect machine highly durable and dimensionally accurate., to take the machine from one customer place to another.

Motor Rating – 2 HP & 3 HP.